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Garden CleanupsI was made redundant at the end of 2004. That hurt. I was determined to prove them wrong and build a successful business of my own but didn’t quite have the confidence to start completely from scratch. After doing a lot of research, I was convinced that Jim’s Mowing was the way to go. Not only did it offer a wide variety of work in the gardening sector but there was also the support of a very successful organisation. Having been office based for 24 years and not lifting anything heavier than a phone, I was nervous about venturing ‘outside’ but I needn’t have been, as I received a thorough Induction and Training course before mowing my first client’s lawn. I also knew that I would be rewarded the harder I worked due to the fixed monthly fee structure, which is quite unusual in the franchise industry.

Five years on, I have two full-time employees and take on seasonal workers to cope with the surge in summer work. My responsibilities within the organisation have grown to include those of a regional franchisor which covers the recruitment, training, coaching and supporting franchisees in Scotland, N. Ireland and the North of England. Not bad for a guy who was redundant.

David HughsonJim’s Mowing Greenbank

Lawn MowingI started my business on the 27th April and have enjoyed some busy weeks since this date.

I find that most of my work comes through the call centre and to date I have received a very professional service, which has been noted by my customers. I’m already looking to expand my business with a part time employee and more commercial equipment, I have contract work with a local town council (cemetery and sheltered housing)
and I am currently looking to tender for private estate contracts. I have been thoroughly happy with Jim’s and have no regrets in my decision to buy a franchise.

I would also recommend Jim’s to others.

Jody ChrichJim’s Mowing, Swindon

Lawn Turf Suppliers

Starting my own business amounted to a leap of faith. I had never worked for myself before. I had a mortgage, a family and no end of financial and personal commitments.

By the same token, investing in a Jim’s Mowing Franchise is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am my own boss and I can work my own hours. Mind you, some days can be quite long! The difference is I chose to work late if I want to, and it is only me who benefits from my hard work.

I am now fitter and healthier than I have ever been and I have made a lot of new friends amongst clients and other Jim’s alike. The help I have received from other Jim’s franchisees has been a great help. I wouldn’t be able to offer some of the services I do without the help and education other Jim’s have given me.

My franchise generates more income, in quicker time than I had predicted and I am looking forward to perhaps investing in regional rights one day.

Jim’s Mowing is certainly a viable and profitable business, but one of the most satisfying aspects of the job (for me), is the fact I am constantly thanked, appreciated (and occasionally fed), by my clients and that’s something it’s difficult to put a value on.

General GardeningOur Goal Jim’s Mowing Dromore will strive to become and maintain a healthy, successful business that is a leader, not only within the lawn and garden maintenance industry in Northern Ireland, but within the entire Jim’s Mowing Group. We look forward to our future adventures with Jim’s.

Chris & Susan GrantJim’s Mowing Dromore View profile

Lawn Care  Service

My franchise is very much my own business, but by the same token it is great to know that I am part of a team and that the Jim’s support structure is always there for me.

Jon DoddJim’s Mowing Basingstoke