Nationwide Opportunities

In Australia, with a population of 20m and with a weather system that is very sunny and dry, not the best grass growing conditions, there are almost 2,000 Jim’s Mowing Franchisees. Imagine the potential in the UK with a population in excess of 60m and with, on average more grass cuts in the year than in Australia. There are currently almost 30 Jim’s in the UK there is plenty of scope and potential for you. Even if it appears that there is already someone operating close to you please bear this in mind. In the early days, A group of franchisees approached Jim Penman to ask him to stop recruiting in the Melbourne area as they 30 was close to saturation point. There are now over 500 in that same area! Having an existing Jim near you will give you a tremendous boost to your business. He or she will be your buddy, your colleague and your helper, not your competitor.


How do our territories work?

They are based on postcode sectors, for example, a full postcode is EH10 7HX, and the postcode sector is EH10 7. The number of households within each sector varies enormously, but we ensure that each franchisee has at least 5,000 households in the territory which they are free to choose as long as it has not already been taken.

While it is very tempting to select a postcode sector which has the largest number of households be wary as this suggests that there’s quite a high concentration of people in that area which may mean blocks of flats. Low numbers may mean it is a rural area where there may well be more sheep than people.

The ideal way to select a territory is by using your local knowledge. Identify an area close to where you live which has many bungalows and detached houses as they tend to have gardens, and where there are gardens, there is potential work. If a postcode you select has less than 5,000 households, you will be able to select a second postcode sector.

A Jim’s Mowing territory is non-exclusive, which means that you are not confined to working only in your selected postcode sector(s). You are free to seek and accept work from surrounding areas, which significantly expands your business potential.

In neighbourhoods where there is a fellow Jim, it is very important to understand that you do not solicit for work in their territory by distributing business cards or leaflets with your personal phone number. However, you are able to work in their territory, if for instance a friend or relative asks you to trim their hedge, just as your colleague can work in your territory. This may at first appear like things can become very competitive, but our experience over the last 25 years has proven that quite the opposite is true, as this situation actually generates far more work. Over 500 Jim’s Mowing franchisees in Melbourne alone is testimony to this.

So if you are looking at an area in which there is already a Jim, don’t be put off, quite the opposite, start getting really excited as they have already achieved brand awareness and may be overloaded with work, in which case you’ll be able to piggy-back on their earlier work and get off to a much quicker start with your business.

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