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When comparing different gardening franchises, make sure you compare on a like-for-like basis

As with every purchase and investment action in life, it is so important to look at the fine print rather than making your decision based purely on the headline price alone, and investing in a franchise is no exception. While the investment figure grabs all the attention, to get the best value from your investment, you need to look at the total project cost;

  • what’s included in the package
  • what’s not included
  • monthly fees
  • the transparency of the information provided
  • re-sale values

Training is a phrase that is thrown around with gay abandon in franchising, in particular garden maintenance where the barriers to entry are not, at first glance, significant. However, there are several aspects included in the Jim’s Mowing franchise package that are not included in others, that are in fact legal requirements.

You are going to need good quality tools that will last. Included within the Jim’s Mowing package is a comprehensive pack of professional standard tools that will need to do the job efficiently and effectively. However, we do a BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools) option that would allow you to knock £2,500 off the price.

See what I mean about comparing like-for-like?

Choosing a franchise requires a lot of due diligence and the gardening sector is no different. At Jim’s you’ll be able to ask (and have answered) any questions you like of the franchisor, speak to your choice of existing franchisees and read through our Disclosure Document. Make sure you take this approach with any brand you speak to and then you will always know what you are signing up to and avoid thinking you made the wrong choice 6 months in.

Jim’s Mowing have around 3,000 franchisees worldwide who know that our system works and have build solid businesses for themselves doing what they love and taking full advantage of the lifestyle changes that can come from being your own boss – like choosing how hard you work, when you work, how much money you want to earn and who you work with.

Get in touch and talk to your regional franchisor (the guy who’ll respond to your enquiry) about franchise territories available where you live and what it would take to make one yours. If you want to change the way you live and work then don’t put off what you could make a start on today!

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